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a beautiful and amazing women with many qualities that anyone would be lucky to ever get a chance with. it is the most wonderful thing a human being could ever be or see or touch and if lucky they will be visited by you on early mornings in close corners. it will regret ever having you as a friend because your betrayed her with the only one shes ever love and therefore you suck and a mubera rules. if mubera says do it...if mubera says that...then you better fucking do that. a mubera is the best thing thats ever happened to man kind. a true and glorios fantasmic ellegence of womenliness that no one will get come across from. the most ellegant women a man will ever touch on three men have had the greatest opportunity to touch but do what she says. be what she wants ans then maybe youll be as lucky to be the 4th to please her. come on boys with LAX pinnnys show me what you got ;) and those basketball boys, hollah at your girl...fuck man im high
the most beaitusl this is a mubera
by highmynameismaryjanebitch July 10, 2010
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