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The nickname for boys who's only care in life is Spanish.They are usually the whitest boys you can fine, who like to believe that they are Hispanic(preferably from Spain). The prefer to go by their Spanish name from Spanish class. They build shrines in their bedroom with Spanish related objects, such as but not limited to, sombreros, maracas, FC Barcelona gear, etc. They will do anything to go on a trip to any Hispanic country. They tend to get easily offended when something negative is said about anything deal with the Hispanic country or their culture. They will do anything to honor the Spanish Culture. Anyone who is named Mr.Espanol should be honored and is a truly amazing person at heart.
Natalia: Eww I hate mexican food
Blake: How could you ever say anything bad about Mexican food?!?!?!? *rants about how great Hispanic culture is
Cassie: Why does he care so much? He must be Mr.Espanol.
by Natalie426960 November 18, 2011
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