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When a situation is similar to what normally happens in movie.
Guy- I cheated on you.

Girl- OMG. We're Over Bitch! >:O

*Everyone turns and stares awkwardly*

Random Dude In Background- 'Movie moment'
by Pink And Blue July 03, 2011
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Movie moment: an iconic, occurrence or happening that is so incredibly great it seems as if it were scripted for a rom-com. It can at times be cheesy but is not required to be. It’s often a moment that you leaves you in awe, simply perfect.
Girl 1: β€œWe met at a party, ditched it and went for bowling and milkshakes. At the end of the night he kissed me under the full moon!!!”

Girl 2: β€œwow! You’re so lucky! That is SUCH a movie moment.”
by Bri_Just_Bri September 23, 2019
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