A "Disease" which is not even a disease. An illness that gradually destroys the motor neurons in your body. Eventually the sufferer wont be able to do anything. The Hollywood actor, David Niven had the "disease". There is no known cause of the illness, nor a cure, but there is research going into the prospect of using stem cells to recreate the savaged motor neurons, but it's not yet known if the disease will destroy the new ones too. Has nothing to do with shakey hands.
My dad had trouble walking, he went to the doctor for tests. He later found out he had motor neuron disease. A while later he got pnumonia and died 3 days after christmas day, and I was 12!
by christ0pherjack December 21, 2005
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Motor neuron disease causes sufferers to be all shakey and what not.
This results in things such as poor handwriting skills and little if any ability to make sense.
Person 1: "Harry has terrible handwriting."
Person 2: "It must be his motor neuron disease"
by Rory G September 22, 2005
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