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It gives nightmares to Motorola users. Seriously, it ruins good phones.
It lags, it's terrible, it's ugly, it's weird, it's too fat (bloatwares), it farts, it sleeps, and it fucking makes me cold (freezing, etc).
Droid 3 consumer says: Dammit kids! Because of you mofus', I had to get a phone that had a MOTOBLUR!!! YA' HEAR ME??? BLLLLLLLUUUUURRRRRRRR!!! You piece of crap, I told you kids to buy Samsung Galaxy S II, BUT LOOK! MOTOBLUR!!! ROARRRRRRR!

But Droid 3 is a awesome phone, I have it, but too much bloatware... Believe me...
by Asdfefwhefhwe November 25, 2011
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