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Motherwell otherwise know as "the pride of lanarkshire" or the steelmen.

The club was established after the merging of two teams glencairn and alpha.

Both teams were formed from company's who worked in the steel industry.

this formation took place in 1886

motherwell is a family club and does well to stay away from the sectarian bigotry that is displayed by our leagues better know sides rangers and celtic.
motherwell is a football club based in lanarkshire
by kenneth reid November 14, 2007
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In responce to wellbhoys entry I would like to say that he is jealous of the talent of the motherwell team after celtics unfortunate defeat on the final day of the season a few years ago which gifted the SPL title to rangers. I would like to state that well fans hate celtic as much as they hate rangers. I would also like to add that it is a very hypocritical (not that you will understand the word) thing to say call well fans biggots when you are refering to rangers fans as huns and motherwell fans as spineless. Wellbhoys comments on things motherwell fans like are also innapropriate as terry butcher managed motherwell, davie cooper was one of the greatest players ever to grace the claret and amber jersey and finally the union jack is the flag of great britain and only biggoted rangers fans asocciate themselves with it like the biggoted celtic fans asociate themselves with the republic of ireland.
Remember when Scott McDonald scored 2 goals in the few minutes of the last game of the season against celtic and celtic lost the title and all their fans of celtic cried while the motherwell fans jumped for joy?
by superwell1991 August 17, 2006
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A alcoholic infested place full of junkies and wee arseholes waiting out side of shops for a jump in for there drink or there terrorising the local McDonald's steaming shouting about Where's there chicken nuggets
Here mate can you go tae the shop for is
I bought 20 chicken nuggets nd there only fu*King 19 ill stab ur da ya burger flipping fu*k
by Rockyb123 June 14, 2018
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