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a slightly stupid term used by a dorky 16 year old boy that has a lot of spare time ( you know who you are ) but nonetheless it's a slutty Popsicle that is in every one else's business.
omg that mothahussajones needs to peace out of my grill homie bs xD
by realnameischerice August 21, 2012
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The most stealth and yurdful person known to the human race, a man that rides horses with the master chief and who tells better stories to the most interesting man in the world. he gets all the ladies through his abilities in videogames and playing his supa sexy guitar, he owns all motha hussa's and make sure to NEVER ask him why they all call him 'mothahussajones'........
''MothaHussaJones'' is a total boss and he absolutley destroys... when i grow up i wanna be a ''mothahussajones''
by MothaHussaJones July 27, 2012
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