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School in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Easily one of the worst looking schools in the district, Moscrop's halls are nearly half the size of other school's- With close-to-equal population of the other schools, too. Grade 8's are generally the biggest posers in the world and, when reality slaps them in the face, (Aka, older kids wanting to teach them a lesson) they run. Grade 9's evolve from this and actually live out some of the BS that they said they did while they were in Grade 8. But, still, they are pansies. Grade 10's generally become less cocky, but still belligerent. Grades 11-12 become split- There are those that keep to the image they've made for themselves for the first few years (Blazing, throwing shit at nerds, breaking in, etc.) and those that become preppy, realizing that these years are important.

Most trash their image, and become preppy. Proof: When it snows, the Principal tells the school that if a student is caught with Snowballs on or within-sight-of school grounds, they will be suspended- because most scraps/rumbles start because someone got a snowball in the nuts/face. In all honesty, only one group of kids has the balls to start a snowball fight with everyone else outside.

Schools like Burnaby South make fun of Moscrop at almost every chance they get- Graffiti from them can be found after long weekends saying how much Moscrop sucks- And I'm sure almost all of the students at Mousecrap can agree with that.
Mousecrap is hurt. aka Moscrop is hurt.
by Anonymous.................... January 15, 2007
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