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A person who has too much time on his or her hands.


Someone who is super sweet, somewhat over-weight, kind, smart, plays Guitar Hero a lot, and is a geek.

A person who knows a lot of people, has a lot of lady friends and gets hugs every day, but hasn't had a girlfriend in ages.

A guy who is super shy around the girl he likes.
That stupid morphittodaman....He's always playing video games and making up stupid games and words...He needs a life.

Mom: Will you take this garbage out?
Son: Not yet, hold on...
*five hours later*
Mom: Quit being a morphittodaman.

Girl: Look at that morphittodaman, he's amazing, too bad he looks kinda ugly and is a major dork.

Group of people: Hey morphittodaman! What's up? Me and the others are throwin' a party, you wanna come? Girls will be there mate, c'mon.

Guy: Come on dude, just ask her.
Other guy: I can't man...I just can't look at her and talk to her at the same time...
Guy: Dude...You're being a morphittodaman. Grow some balls and ask her.

by morphittodaman January 21, 2008
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