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The unhelpful and sometimes embarrassing lack senses one receives after arising from slumber but without having had enough sleep to function properly. Usually lasts 5 to 10 minutes but can sometimes last for over half an hour depending on circumstances.
Isn't directly related to alcohol as the person isn't actually drunk but commonly occurs after big nights on the town.
Victims may incur bruising to forehead or any other body extremities at pointy object height - most common cases involve stubbed toes.
Individuals can also sometimes be classified as cheap drunks by annoying friends who had the same amount of sleep or less but feel superior as they were not as 'drunk' as the first person when awoken.
Group of guys playing video games in lounge room one Saturday morning after a late night out.
Guy No. 1 Upon awaking walks in but trips over the carpet and falls over.
Calls Arise from group.
Guy No. 2 "Whoa, still a bit morning drunk i see"
by That Cool Ben August 20, 2009
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