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A game typically played at parties or on vacation. All guys put $10-$50 into the "Moose Pot." Then at the end of the game the guy who has sex with the ungliest girl wins the moose pot. The moose pot can be played as a consolation prize to your friend who is down on his luck. Or the game can be played actively were everyone is going after the ugly chicks. There are varying rules. You can have multiple entires. The winner is decided by vote. Previous relations or partners are disqualified. The game is fun is won with offisive and defensive tactics.
He won the moose pot last night with the girl that weighed like a deuce and a half.

Did you moose my friend last night?

No, you fucked her before, so she is DQ'ed from moose pot.
by jason wright November 21, 2005
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A large, cavernous anus. Especially dark and muddy.
My ex-roommate had so much anal sex, that only the penis of a large black man could fill her giant moose pot.
by NighttimeDelirium April 25, 2011
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