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1. (noun) Montgomery glands, or monties, that are partially visible underneath a woman's blouse or top. When in a private setting, the clothing might be transparent. But more often, a montease occurs in public, when an otherwise modest blouse allows the contours of the Montgomery glands to become visible, as bumps in the fabric.

2. (verb) to expose the contours of one's monties (Montgomery glands) with revealing clothing, especially when done deliberately, in public.
"When it gets cold, my girl's monties pucker up and show through a tight blouse, if the cloth is real thin. Sometimes, her monties show when it's not cold, it's just a sign that she's feeling hot." (LOL)

Overheard on the outdoor patio of a restaurant, as a cool fall breeze spread a chill over the crowd:
"Dern... I wonder if our waitress knows that her nips are doing a montease? It almost hurts to look."
"Yep... it's very difficult to look her in the eye... it's like she's flashing her high-beams!" (LOL)
by Casey Johns January 21, 2009
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