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Monseratt is a very beautiful girl . Most of them are tall and any guy will die to be her boyfriend, she is shy at first but once you get to know her she will mess around a lot. Monseratt is very good at fashion. She had the best winning award smile her laugh is everything. A Monseratt is a best girlfriend,best friend , sibling you can ask for .
Dammm I wish I knew someone name Monseratt
by Monseratt May 29, 2018
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a scary ass hoe who thinks that every one will solve her problems. she tall as a building, she has fake friends like her self. she cant fight for shit. she look like a motha fucking monkey. she is friends with fishes and bushes. PLEASE APPROVE THIS IM TRYING TO MAKE A STATEMENT
andrea-who is that tall ass bitch tryna hide behind her fish friends
kimberly-its a monseratt
by Jenny rivera May 21, 2019
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