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(noun): Those minivans, suburbans and any other SUV you see flying down the road at the speed of light. Most commonly driven by half-crazed, stressed out soccer moms/ dads driving kids to ten million more places than they should. Soccer practice. Gymnastics. Tea parties.

Watch out, shit gets real when mom has to take her eyes off the road to pass back juice boxes for the kiddies.

Can also be driven by teenagers who inherit the family minivan, and convince themselves that yes, their minivans can drag race as well as a Camaro.
Random driver: Hey dude, did you just see that momma rocket?

Passenger: No man, what was it?

Random driver: #@$#()%*)! Some crazy person busting wheelies in his minivan at triple the speed limit. Didn't know those things did that!

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by jjbeanbag January 21, 2012
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