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mollye is the type of girl who is very kind and loves to hang with friends. mollye has a half sister caroline. and mollye is very creative and honest. she has the brains and the softness never let her go. mollye usually has thick blonde hair with dark blue eyes. usually taller. Mollye is unique in many ways. she rarely gets upset but when she is, she has a good reason for it.
mollye hung out with friends and went to super rica. the waiter asked for her name she said it’s mollye with and e.
by Ham+caroline March 01, 2018
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A type of girl who is really out of the ordinary but shines like a goddess in your dreams. Mollye is beautiful, but mess with her....and she’s ready to kick ass. She loves her soulmate, and hates everyone else. Get you a Mollye.
Wow Mollye is pretty but look at how she just kicked that 5 year old kid down for taking her seat....
by Whytheheckareyouevenhere June 09, 2018
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