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(noun) a younger woman or girl who is attracted to older men (at least fifteen years older)
"wow, obama is so hott!" -14 yr old lucy
"gosh lucy, you're such a freaking moffer!" -cindy
"and proud of it!" -lucy
by dangyoushottgrandpa October 31, 2009
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A mock offer to foot the bill on a date.
eg. Guy and girl on their first date at a restaurant. Guy gets his wallet out to pay. Girl is a tight bitch who doesn't believe in gender equality, but moffers to pay in order to hide her true character.

A lack of a moffer should absolutely ensure no second date is considered.
"I was going to pay anyway, but I couldn't believe it when she didn't even moffer".
by Caz Mik October 12, 2015
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