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A rare breed of male species. He usually contains the perfect amount of awkward and just the right kind of weird. He's charmingly handsome and sweet, which is why he always gets his way. He's passionate,intelligent yet stubborn and worth every argument. The awesomest kind of alien to ever exist. If you're lucky enough to ever find one, keep him happy and make sure his always laughing because he lights up the universe.
Kim: omg this guy is amazing!
Candice: hmm...not really..He's not moemoe
by Pengalien From planet Mozart November 30, 2015
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Sleeping with somebody(fucking), used in pidgin english in the Hawaiian Islands.
"Hey my bruddah went moe moe wit my sistah an i say no bruddah, datz no good kine!"
by Mike Kaimalia Pangan November 06, 2006
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