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1. (n) A duo of amazing videos made by callous and nastadon, the latter of which did absolutely nothing.

2. (n) Some of the most amazing montages ever made.

3. (n) An idea 'stolen' from Tanker.

A79: "It won't dl for me either :/"

Dare to Play 21: "The best mod video to date. Everything was completely awesome. I loved the Ascension map. This must have taken awhile to complete, but you put your heart and soul into making it look awesome."

Nastadon: "We wanted a unique intro, and since there were console raids on modded xboxs this summer, we thought that would make a perfect intro." we = callous

Spootnuke: "Wow, that was amazing. Just amazing. Best intro I've ever seen to any video evar.

Great Video, a must have for me."

reid18: "Wow, maybe my favorite Halo 2 video ever."

Nastadon: Dude that modtage was amazing
by Calloussssssss July 11, 2008
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