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The action of gaining modpoints refers to making yourself known to a game staff in order to be promoted to it. The most popular ways of gaining modpoints are reporting hackers and spammers, chatting with staff in mumble, and basically making yourself (and your team) well known by the game's community. The more modpoints you have, the more possibilities you have of being accepted.
Modpoints can also be lost, by glitching, behaving inappropriately or other actions which are criticised by the community. It was invented in a Minecraft community, the Overcast Network.
+Did you see Felipu? He's still gaining modpoints, he has just reported 8 people while being in mumble!
-Really? He's gonna get mod soon, it has been a while since the time he glitched and lost modpoints.
by Eudaldca May 18, 2015
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