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moderaterna is a Swedish, conservative party that works hard to destroy the welfare state the red parties of sweden have created through the last hundred years.

have a youth organization named MUF, literally "the moderates youth organization". members of muf are usually kids and youngs with tragically childhoods, which have given them a complete lack of empathy and solidarity for other people, who's parents didn't earn 30 000 sek / month / parent.

have recently (fall 2006) seized power in sweden. this is a very tragic point in the history of sweden.

the party are presently ruled by fredrik reinfeldt. a upperclass boy who haven't seen much else of sweden than Tรคby, the town where he was brought up with values like that some people are better that others and therefore deserve better hospital care, opportunity to educate their children etc.

fredrik reinfeldt, the leader of moderaterna, was an election worker for president bush during his first elections.
by alfred h January 16, 2007
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