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A make-believe character, like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus...
Governments tell its dumb citizens that this fantasy character will stop the radical Muslims from blowing up innocent people to advance their political agenda of establishing the caliphate, where most humans will be dhimmis and women will be domestic pets with a few extra rights and homosexuals will be lashed or stoned to death publicly.

There are lots of peaceful moderate Muslims in the world. Some famous examples:
the Dalai Lama Mohammed, Ahmed Nelson Mandela or Mother Fatima Teresa.
But then why is the media only focusing on the very few ones that are violent for reasons completely unrelated to Islam?!!
by theoneverdies May 25, 2007
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A Muslim who thinks the Ummah is still not powerful enough to take on the West and tries to compromise his practice of Islam temporarily. These people are prepared to wait until Muslim countries become powerful enough to threaten the civilized world.

These may also be muslims who practice taqiyya and tries to act peaceful.
guy with commonsense: Do you know what Saudi Arabia teaches its children?
Bush: C'mon. They're a country of moderate Muslims. Now let's take care of radicals like al-Qaeda and the tiny minority of extremists who malign the noble religion of Islam.
by theoneverdies December 03, 2006
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A made up word created by Western Powers to ease the fears of there citizens about Islam.

There is no such type of person, as they all read the same Quran and all suport what is in the Quran.

Muslims have latched onto this word and are quick to label themselves one if they feel they need to scream discrimination because some country wants them to assimlate while muslims dont want to assimilate. But yet expect it when westerners are over in their arab lands.

Totally fake
"Can you belive Aly, she is such a moderate muslim"

"I didnt know she followed Islam"

"Shit yeah she hates Jews and belives all white woman should be raped by muslim men"

"Oh my god, she is such a moderate muslim than"

by Glenn Griffiths September 06, 2006
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