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A house or mansion, usually owned by a guy, where bunch of hot girls in industries such as modeling, acting, or even porn, live in a big house free of rent, usually in exchange for some sort of trade off such as sitting around a nightclub with a promoter so some dumb guy that can't get laid will cough up money on bottle service, or something like signing exclusively with an agency, or some other hustle.

Long story short, nothings free in this world. Especially her rent.
Guy: "Hey girl, let's go back to your place!"
Girl: "No let's go back to yours, I live in a model house."
Guy: "That sucks, you might want to sign with a different agency."
Girl: "The host is a super nice guy though."
Guy: "Sounds like a Hollywood pimp to me."
by Ma1war3 January 15, 2018
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