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An amphibious creature found on the island of tedualra. This creature is seen only when a 3 frogs explode simultaniously. The mockintreff is invisible to the naked eye. This creature is thought to be the cause of every happening on the island of Tedualra.The Mockintreff crops up many times in faerie tales and is said to eat children. The truth is that the Mockintreff likes nothing more than a cocker spaniel for a snack. The mockintref's true form has never been discovered (due to a shortage of explodable frogs)and all acounts of sighting this creature have been different. This is due to the mockintreff only being seen how the person expects them to look.
"There i was ploughing the field with bill my dog when a naked woman came up to me, ate bill and disapeared in a puff of dust!"
by chicken November 28, 2003
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