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mochetta means to be hanging out with your friends, and taking rips together. One after one, each of the group members take turns hitting the spirit until the last man stands. This can be done inside, outside, or even in a small shed or room. The one thing all people must have is a cup to catch the wet waterfalls coming from everyone mouths. If this is done properly, it will leave you wobbling and checked for a long time to come. If you do not do this properly, you will be face down in the toilet, yacking your lungs out. Take caution with your spirit ratios, otherwise you might end up meeting casper the ghost. Anyone can participate in this mochetta, and the more people the merrier. This is also known as the Moach City Gauntlet, or the Orange coast chopper. Within a few seconds you will see why people call this action a mochetta.
yo, you comin over to take mochetta's with us? Be here in 10 mins if you wanna mo, otherwise mochetta on your own.

Tuny took a fat mochetta with his friends, and instantly became the king of the chop city gauntlet.
by Tuny May 21, 2013
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