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A moargasm is a strange phenomenon that happens when someone needs so much moar of something that moargasming is the only way this moargasmic energy can come out.

Moargasms are very dangerous, but can be quelled by smacking the sufferer upside the head with a two-by-four. Due to the excessive amounts of energy released in the process ( equivalent to performing 1000 goatses on an hourly basis ), it has been widely known on the internets that Moargasming can turn you into a complete Fucktard and/or Brian Peppers candidate.
Having a moargasm has been said to cause the following symptoms:

* Screaming extremely loud
* Diarrhea flying out of your ass faster than your mom's car
* Feeling of imminent head implosion
* Nausea
* Heartburn
* Indigestion
* Upset stomach
* Sudden impulsive inclination towards rape ( A.K.A. Brian Peppers Syndrome )
* Limb spasms
* Seizures
* Chuoside
by ado matto May 25, 2007
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