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Ugly, hairy, bony, repulsive looking legs and feet, oftentimes scarred and covered with festering wounds and scabs and bandages from various accidents. These accidents occur as a result of over-zealous participants of mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing, kayking, river rafting, hiking and other forms of outdoor recreation popular everywhere, but especially in the mountain west and southwest, hence the name. Other names include Sedona legs and Kokopelli trail legs. People with Moab legs often use their scars and wounds as bragging rights with a story to go with each one of them. Made even worse by wearing flip flops or Teva sandals. Moab legs are most often seen in men who absolutely insist on wearing shorts from at least April to the following October, without regard to how disgusting their legs appear to other people. They are also seen in women which is really, really replulsive.
Fran: Ewwww! Did you seen Mack's Moab legs? How disgusting! Just look at all the scabs, scars and wounds. Why does he have to wear shorts? Doesn't he realize that some people have no desire to see his ugly, hairy legs?

Dan: He doesn't care how ugly his legs look. To him, they make a statement. My cousin Linda has Moab legs too. If you think Mack's are disgusting, hers are even worse. Think of a hippy chick's legs only with festering, oozing wounds.

Fran: I would rather not.
by Graycat August 09, 2009
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