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mmaged= mma + engaged

adj. when a great looking woman gets engaged to a steriod sandwich eating, no neck having, mma fighter who will choke the shit out of someone and give them cauliflower ear if you speak to there woman.

great conversations with said woman with other guys can be listed as retarded. mostly because the other male has a much larger penis, much funnier and does not get roid rage.
male 1:dude, jeff got choked out and woke up with a cauliflower ear and shit in his pants

male 2: no way, what happened?

Male 1: remember that hottie amanda?

male 2: yeah.

male 1: well she got mmaged.

male 2: oh i see, that cage fighter caught them talking together.

male 1: hell yeah he did. called him retarded, drove from florida to north carolina and choked the shit out of him!

girl 1: oooh, I remember him, he was always so funny, charming and good looking, not to mention enormous penis he has
by jrcuteeingoff November 26, 2010
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