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A sporty-boy jock-wannabe who practices or enjoys watching sport-fighting. Often a delusional individual who erroneously imagines that by shaving his head, getting a barbed-wire armband tattoo, and wearing spandex panties while wrestling poorly and boxing in a laughable manner, he becomes an Apache Warrior with Real Ultimate Power. A dumbfuck.

A practitioner of "mixed-up martial arts". A sport player with delusions of being tough and/or skilled at fighting, as if sport matches were the same as real conflict. A moron.

You stupid drunk mma fag, you better run home and pray for jeebus to help you get through your next ring fight -- take your skanky bitch with you, and don't let the door hit you in your well-drilled ass on the way out.
by Charlie Bravo March 23, 2008
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someone who got his ass kicked by an mma fighter and gets all bitter about it. said guys are too weak or too lazy to become proficient fighters themselves so they start calling mma and mma fans gay.
1. brandon just got his ass kicked, i bet he's gonna turn into an mma fag now.

2. that fool was hating on mma, but he's just an mma fag.
by julius red June 11, 2008
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