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1. A paradoxical instance of gentleness and fury;
2. A softened blow or buffered strike;
3. Allusion to the notion of 'don't judge a book by its cover';
4. A nickname for a very cute, funny and smart/wise girl;
5. A spazzy way a girl punches a guy in the arm when he pulls on her ponytail to tease her
1. Wow, that raft trip down the Colorado river was totally mittenfist!

2. The bugs were bouncing off my motorcycle helmet like little mittenfist punches.

3. She may look all gentile and demure and stuff . . . but don't get her ire up, dude . . . she'll totally go all mittenfist on you.

4. I never get to play hooky with my friend, Mittenfists anymore

5. I called her spazzy, so she hauled off and mittenfisted me!
by Peter Panache April 30, 2008
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