MITSUNARI IS THE MOST IMPORTANT person you’ll ever meet in your life so if you ever do go with him he will treat you very well and good he is not very good at expressing his feelings until you get to know him he is a good friend to have if you treat him wrong he probably will get revenge I said probably but he stays to him self if you ever do break his heart he might cry for a while because he loves you he will fight for his love the person that he loves he will fight for it for a long time until he realizes that you don’t want him no more if you don’t tell him he will notice he is very wise and analyzes people and how they act so if you give up on i him he gone care because he will fight for you but after a while he might just give up and might still feel tied to you because deep down he still loves the person that he really loved he wants to know the truth he hate being lied to he is an Aries he got a lot of anger build inside of him but he will let it out only if he mad and blurt it out or actually talk to someone he trust he is loveable goofy and stupid lol but yeah he is the most important person so don’t break his heart
by Mitsunari September 22, 2019
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