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Since every word in the human language has been overused to the point of being very subjective, the term was defined for describing a person whose perfection cannot be measured.

Quite naturally the most effective method for binding an idea to a discrete lingual construct is, and always has been, to simply use a pre-established construct. In the case of finding an umbrella term for an entity which is beyond measurable perfection in addition to an unrelenting counter-intuitiveness of clearly opposite, even contrarious, forces that are ultimately complementary, and augmented by the collective sum of all things that are bright, virtuous and irresistible in every aspect and form of existence, we are fortunate to have an entity, a named entity, that exists today, which is the obvious point-of-reference. The entity is called Mistyrose, a female human with a sharp, yet tender, disposition and sharper, yet deep, smooth and soft, hazel eyes.

A Mistyrose is a paragon of enamor. Her very imperfections are perfect. She is verily an expression Universal laws of balance. Duality is her greatest quality. By contrast, among mere workaday humans, duality is a problematic and unbalanced phenomena sometimes called Bipolar-Disorder.

The soul of a Mistyrose is so bright, even to the blind, she is too bright to see clearly. One must use imagination to see what grace and beauty vibrates inside. Mistyrose is, with positively null contest, the most wondrous creation since the sum of forever ago.
The man's pain and doubt in living vanished like water-vapor when the Mistyrose smiled.
by Starf1337 June 20, 2014
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