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–noun Psychiatry.
1. A sexual attraction to different human subspecies or races.
2. Sexual desire in a human being for members of a different human subspecies or race.
3. The act or fantasy on the part of a human being of engaging in sexual activity with members of a different human subspecies or race.

One affected with miscegenophilia is called a miscegenophile.

Miscegenophilia is frequently accompanied by other sexual deviancies in various degrees, such as ephebophilia and zoophilia. In countries where acting upon these deviancies is legally prohibited or socially scorned, miscegenation frequently serves as a permitted substitute for the satisfaction of ephebophiliac or zoophiliac desires.

Male Europoid (homo sapiens europaeus) and Congoid (homo sapiens afer) miscegenophiles frequently point out that they are attracted by the neoteny or paedomorphy of Mongoloid (homo sapiens mongolicus) women whose morphology is more reminiscent of Europoid or Congoid teenagers than of mature Europoid or Congoid women. Servility and submissiveness of the female play an important role.

Similarly, Europoid and Mongoloid females attracted to Congoid males often attribute their attraction to factors caused by the racial distance: exoticness, "the forces of nature," being desired as an object of lust, and tasting the forbidden fruits of "the beast." Sexual domination by the male plays an important role.
Jean: Miscegenophilia can be evoked by the absence of partners of the same subspecies. That's how the population of Cape coloreds came into existence.
Paul: The same way zoophilia can be created by the absence of human partners?
Jean: In some people. I reckon.
by Tiwaz December 10, 2006
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