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Noun. Destruction of property caused by drunk, overconfident young men. In practice misbachracy is well planned, but always go awry because of unforeseeable complications such as heavy intoxication, dumb bitches, and men without spines.

Etymology: the word comes from "mis" a prefix meaning "wrong or hatred" The stem, "bach" is a colloquial shortening of "bachelor," the type of people most likely to participate in “misbachracy.” The suffix, "cracy" typically "government or rule of," but in this case has the connotations of "power by." Most literally, the word means "power of wrong(headed) bachelors.”
Person A: So how did breaking the window go?
Person B: It turned into a complete misbachracy. I was too drunk to run away, tripped, fell and got caught by the residents and later the police.

The plan turned into complete misbachracy when the two of the members felt guilty and confessed.
by KKutz November 20, 2010
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