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The name Mirthala'might be very difficult to pronunce but easily to see its beautiful , nice personality. athletic , energetic person , very strong as in body strenght and life. Very gorgeous , might not have her perfect curvy body but her personality and beautiful face makes up for it . Shy at first , but crazy after getting to knoe her.crazy= fun nice if u know a mirthala dont let her go, because it is very hard to a find a very nice,fun, and beautiful girl like her. never try to change her because she is perfect the way she is.
* My friend , imet her last year her name was Mirthala , iwas impressed on how beautiful she was , and with her great personality . I was actually kinda jelouse on how when we went clubbinq she will get all those handsome men .fun,
by lazzy ass December 28, 2011
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