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Noun: The process of almost walking into a person, then trying to get around them, only to have both parties end up moving in the same direction, blocking one another. Often occurs multiple times during an exchange.
Person 1: Hey what took you so long to get to class?
Person 2: I ended up mirror-stepping James. I went right first, but he went the same direction. It happened a few times. Finally I just stood still and let him walk by.
Person 1: I hate it when that happens.
by NFTYite1205(Kopetrope) March 15, 2010
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When you almost bump into someone, but move out of the way, but then they move the same way too, so you both move the other way, etc.
β€˜Dude, quit mirrorstepping everyone.’
by LouisBot9000Playz March 15, 2018
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