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an enthusiast, usually fanatic of the MINI Cooper, or any of the original Mini models.

a miniac will usually name their car, dress to match their car, belong to at least one mini enthusiast club, will hit the road for no other reason than to take pictures of their car.
When spotted on the road, miniacs will flash lights, honk, and wave to each other.
by gosheshe August 11, 2005
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extreme enthusiast of the MINI car.

especially the owners/drivers that do the following which includes, but by far is not limited to:

naming their 'baby'
finding a longer route to work
talk incessantly about how great their car is
flash driving lamps and waving at fellow mini cooper drivers
dressing to match their 'baby'
There goes that miniac washing her car for the 5th time this week.
by gosheshe July 27, 2005
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