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1) to be in a state of vomitting, memory loss and serious drunkedness.

2) to be in a state of detoxification (hangover) wherby one may vomit or 'ming out' at the sight, smell or even the sound of food. 'Minging out' is common after nights of heavy drinking and can last from a couple of hours to whole days.

3) the word 'ming' or 'minger' can simply be applied to someone who is renowned for 'minging out' or has recently had a memorable 'minging out' experience.
''Hey look at Matt knocking on hotel doors in his boxers, he's totally minging out''

''Hey ming, you don't remember at all what happened last night do you? You must be feeling so minged out right now''

''You were so minged out you turned our room into brown town and got us chucked out the hotel''
by Holy_Joly September 08, 2009
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