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It is a term used by older men or teens when they're sexually attracted to something Minecraft related. Minesexual originated from the LGBT group back in 2017, Being Minesexual also means you're sexually attracted to blocky people also another form of Hentai.
Hey man do you watch minecraft porn too?

fuck yeah man im minesexual!

oh my god same!!
by Bryan balderas May 25, 2018
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When your minecraft homie starts to try to get girls in minecraft and have sex with them. Basicaly that one gay kid in class who cant get a girl in school so he plays minecraft and makes a fake profile for himself.
Person 1: Oi do you know that kid who goes to the library every day during recess and lunch and plays minecraft?

Person 2: Oh yeah hes a minesexual, he plays minecraft to get minecraft GF's
by TheGayestKidOutThere May 07, 2018
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