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a person who is afraid of people who take medication to help them to stabilize their moods or organize their thoughts.

Mindphobism is like sexism or racism. Someone is being mindphobic when they discriminate against you because of your psychiatric disability- so they won't rent you an apartment or give you a job or date you or be your friend because they are afraid that your mind works differently from theirs. There are lots of mindphobes out there. Fortunately, mindphobia can be cured.
"So I crashed at HMs place last night and when she saw me pop my meds she totally freaked out and tried to convince me to come off them! I told her that my body needs the drugs to work properly and that it's just like someone takes insulin because their body doesn't process sugar properly. She started ranting about big pharma like there's a big conspiracy to brainwash everyone. I don't get it - how can someone who is supposed to be a close friend of mine turn out to be such a MINDPHOBE?"
by Christy Pentland April 25, 2007
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