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the act of collaborating on a project. to get several brains to focus on a common goal. kinda like those apprentice freaks try in vain to do.
the mindfuse was successful, together we figured out the answer.

johnny and i are gonna do some mindfusing on that assignment.
by otis t. November 11, 2005
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1) Cultish "think alikes" --also called "mindfusers" (persons) "mindfusing" (behavior)
2) Communal "we'ing"--me too, multiple dittos; also called 'dittoing'
3) Loss of one's ability to think by one's self
4) Condition resulting from 20+ hours of being glued to a screen
5) Clueless--Inability to think, as seen in blind stare -I blew a mindfuse
6) "nodoholism" --nodding obsessively as in saying yes to everything the speaker is uttering
7) Inability to be critical,a condition called 'mindfused'

Note: I think this post could be divided into 5 subcategories
1)mindfuse--a state of mindfusion (could be seen as synonym)
2)mindfusing--the act of fusing with other minds
3)mindfuser-- a person in symbiotic relation to another mind
4)mindfusion--the ultimate cultish togetherness (also known as group think)
5)mindfused--the result of mindfusing
1) The guy keeps nodding compulsively to this speaker, he's mindfused.
2) I blew a mindfuse
3) He's mindfused, look at him stare blankly at the screen.
4) A mindfuse expression, is a clueless expresssion, dumb expression.
5) He's mindfused, he can't think for himself; he can only repeat what others say.

by Klever November 14, 2005
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