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Minahyu is a Korean girls' name which means rare and cute. You will fall for her talents in singing, dancing and art. She is very creative and welcoming and you will bond with her very fast. She gets along mostly with boys (and girls) and is a good listener even in the worst situations. Will always be honest to you and will never lie. If she likes you, you're one lucky guy, she is the sweetest friend you'll most likely know. She will always be there for you when you need her. She really is a bookworm and spends her time at 3am reading books. Last but not least, she is very beautiful and pretty, she has a very clear skin and when she's not wearing makeup people will most likely think she is (her culture wants her to have a nice clear skin and she really follows it).
"I saw this really amazing dancer today!"
"Her name must be Minahyu."
by XxChariKarxX May 31, 2017
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