A womens breasts. Does not need to be currently producing milk, but is knowingly capable of producing breast milk.
Dude, Check out that chicks milk bubbles. They are so full figured. Slurp.
by Bean Irvine September 10, 2008
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When you bust your nut in a girls ass, pull out, and create the same effect as a queef and watch her blow a white creamy bubble out of her butthole.
Hey, I was bangin Tina last night in her butt and when i nutted inside of her she blew a milk bubble out of her ass.
by jdogger420 January 07, 2009
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placeing your lips on a lactating females breasts and blowing to make a fart noise...
<wife> What do you want to do tonight?
<husband> Lets stay home and make milk bubbles!
by bVo April 28, 2005
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