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a truely vile surprise. heres how it works. first, take a glass jar (must be glass). make sure its got big enough of an opening to accept a leg or breast of chicken. next, get uncooked chicken parts and milk. it helps if the milk has alredy gone bad. combine milk and chicken in the glass jar until you cant fit anymore and its about to overflow. next, tightly secure the top onto the glass jar. now, discretely place the bomb in the heating ducts of a home or apartment. this is most effective after getting evicted or you catch your gurlfriend cheating on you. the next step is to simply wait. it may take time, so be patient. what happens is after repeated exposure to heat and pressure, the glass will eventually break or the top will pop off. if you can only find a rather thick jar you may want to poke a small hole into the top to ensure the smell gets released. after this happens, the most vile stench is released throughout the home, creating a constant unbareable smell that only gets worse every time the heat goes on. milk chicken bombs, when made and dispensed properly, have been known to make a home unliveable.
"that bitch wont know what hit her after my milk chicken bomb goes off motherfucker!"
by Ian June 15, 2006
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