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surreptitiously masturbating in public, this is not limited to canoing, hiking, driving, plane flights, bicycling, using public restrooms, or ancient ruins.
Louis: So, i was just miking off in the canoe with zach

Oscar: Really? Did zach know?

Louis: No, if he knew it would have just been beating off.
by goochypoo April 30, 2011
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When someone is capable of doing work but is too lazy to do it. Surfing the web and playing games on the computer while at work when co-workers are busting their ass off. Delegating work that you don't want to do yourself because you are just too damn lazy.
I'm at work late tonight working extra hours because Steve was miking off on the Internet all day watching cat videos.
by teabag2511 May 03, 2018
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