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A very sexy girl. She may be a flirt but she is a very loyal girl. Once she gets her hand on a man, she'll never let him go. Although she is a flirt, she never had a boyfriend her entire life.Mierani is also very smart, though her intelligence is always kept lowkey. For example, she always gets an average score in her exams even though she knew all the answers. She is also very fragile, he heart's made out of glass, gold glass to be exact. She's often called trash or a weeb, though it may be true, she's still gold. She has a weird love and excites for 'two boys kissing' or what we shall call yaoi but that is just what makes her an interesting person. She's also been mistaken for being a basic bitch but she had never denied that fact. All that we know is she's a fantastic girl who can get high with at 3 in the morning and had been going to clubs and parties since she was 10. She's the most lit person you'll ever meet and will sometimes remind you of Nicki Minaj but it's all good. She calls herself a gamer but doesn't even own a ps4. She makes the dankest meme in the world and she herself is dank af.
Damn is that girl Mierani, cause she fine as hell! I wanna slide in her DM!
by memes that make you go meh December 26, 2016
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