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The midwee can often be found lurking in the midwest with a cool calm attitude to match their cool calm miller. Unlike the coastie, they prefer their tan from a bottle. Much like the Caribou, the midwee sheilds their hooves with tall boots and black, brown or skin tight jeans. Their hair, much like their attitude is warm, dark and mysterious. Always ready to party, the midwee is never far from the bar, dance floor or an all night dance party. The midwee, always the center of attention, if far away is still a sight to see.
Look at that Midwee,I tried to take her home last night, but I was not cool enough for her.

Look at all those Midwees.

That Midwee is WAYYYYY hotter than that coastie over there.

ohhhh, those lucky midwees.

You are a sexy midwee, I wish you were a midwi(plural)
by Cool Midwee November 21, 2007
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