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A very small, hole in the earth, shit-ass town that has more skeezers than anywhere else on the planet. It's located in the very most southeastern part of Kentucky. The shit-ass town is full of "I'm better than you" people that love to cheat on their spouses and run for office so they can take more of the citizens' tax money. The shit-ass town was long ago dubbed "The Magic City", obviously by someone that had not the slightest Goddamn clue as to what magic even is. There's also a very strange fact about the shit-ass town that, for the record, states... "This fucking small ass, skeezer havin' ass, hole-in-the-earth havin' ass, shit-ass town was once an actual fucking hole in the earth, that was created by the impact of a huge space rock made of methamphetamine.
by MorningstarLucifer July 31, 2018
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