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poor cats

lokai bracelets

discovery of padded bras

bath and body works



nike air forces

vineyard vines sweatshirts


has an odd fascination with slime

bbw instagram accounts

slime instagram accounts

1000 followers on instagram

on every photo, even if it doesnt show their face, the comments are the following:
- "sc 😍"
- "cutie!"
- "slayy"
- "bff 😍😍"
- "so cute 💕💕"
- "tag?"
- "soo prettyyy 😍😍😍💕💕💕"

dates a new guy every month

daddys girl

teachers pet

in every picture they put a hand in front of their face

in every picture they do this weird pouty face smile to make their lips look bigger

master at arching their back

mirror pics with flash on snapchat

dog filter

mistaken snapchat with and post a video of themself lip syncing on their story with the flower crown filter

suck in while taking beach pics

fruit bowls


vanilla bean frappes at starbucks

lets not forget pumpkin spice
nearly every white middle school has a middle school basic bitch
by toofine August 27, 2017
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