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The middle of the work week that feels like the weekend because you're staying out late and partying whether you're employed or, more likely, unemployed
Girl was blowing up my phone to hang out because it was the mid-weekend and she didn't have to work tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that...
by funemployment March 08, 2010
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when got two free days in the middle of the week and u just get fucked up hammered or blitzed and do what the fuk ever you want.
Midweekends are usually a result of flexible work schedule and/or school schedule and is highly desired by those who think one weekend/week is not enough.
guy1: damn dude what happened

guy2: i went to this party last night and got really drunk and came home with these two chicks its awesome

guy1: u got drunk and brought strippers home in the middle of the week

guy2: yeah totally man its my midweekend

guy1: fml
by thedefguy October 20, 2010
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