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A reallly sexy thing that does not realize how truly hot it is. Makes for an excellent lover, kisses have been known to send victim into uncharted euphoric states, and has a natural unexplainable beauty that can only be described as hypnotizing. Frequently inter-fluctuates between various modes of cuteness, heavenliness, sexiness, adorableness, attractiveness, and perfectness. Despite its delectable nature, its personality flows naturally down the throat like tasteless, pure water. After hypothetical digestion, immediately causes severe cases of butterfly-stomach while in the stomach, perhaps due to its intimidating aura of attractive intelligence.
Promituella:I am looking for a sexypants that is also a sexythong and is also a sexybra. Can you find me one of those?

Emmanuolazarr: Yes. It is called micucci. It is the best thing ever.
by aNothermufuckinPerson March 31, 2009
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An Italian last name. this name was only givin to the strongest and most powerful of men. They are known to have the biggest cocks in the world and have balls of steal that clank when they walk. They know how to always have fun and are often the center of attention,They are kind hearted, the best looking, beyond funny, loved by everyone. able to communicate with dolphins and small woodland creatures. loyal to thier friends and family, the best lovers known to man. faithful, suportive, fierce, brave, and wanted by all women. no one ever fucks with a micucci. they are both loved and feared.
Wow that was the best sex ever! He must have been a Micucci.
by vinny micucci March 12, 2011
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